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23 December 2011

~~ Yesterday..Now..Tomorrow ~~

When I was a kid,
I never dreamed to be like one of fairytale princess..
I never dreamed to be like Cinderella..
Who will turn into princess when fairy changed her and will be normal again after 12am..
I never want to be like Snow White..
Who will die because of an apple..
I never like to be like Sleeping Beauty..
Who sleep for a long time because of curse..
I really don't want to..

When I was a little girl,
I prefer trees and front yard rather than dolls and television..
I prefer boys to be my friends rather than girls..
I prefer Ultraman rather than Teletubbies..
Will I grow up as a boy someday??

When I become teenager,
Everythings were change..
Oh,I have a girlfriends too..
Now,I prefer blause and gown rather than jeans and shirt..
I admire Backstreet Boys same as other normal girls..
And I start to think about living in a fairytale..
Is it naive?
Yet I still didn't met any guy,who could be my fairytale prince..

I am an adult now..
Everythings totally change..
I left my kid's toy far far away...
I prefer scarf and long sleeve shirt and blause..
I don't need to find my fairytale prince anymore..
I already have one..
Even he is not as handsome as Prince Caspian..
And he is not riding a white horse..
He still be my prince and will remain like that..
Will we have a very happy family??

But what will I looks like when I'm getting old?
Will I be like a very very old grandmom?
Have a thousand of wrinkles over my face?
Oh,will my prince be with me too?
Sit besides me infront of our front yard,looking for our grandchildren run and laugh..
Can I see all of this someday?

~~ aku darah anak malaysia ~~

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