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3 February 2012

~~ Cute Letter ~~

Dear Girl,
       I know you are out there. Somewhere! Honestly,I do not know your name but I can feel your name always beat like a drum in my heart.
      I want you to know me as me. Not as my famous big brother's brother. I know you might know him better than me because he is in soccer team. I'm just a geek. But you have to know too that I'm not a nerd. Or maybe people will know me as a alone skater.
      You don't have to change your style. You can wear that shirt or blouse that you always wear when you walk out from home. You don't have to change your pony doll hairstyle because it's look so cute to me. You don't have to try so much to be perfect infront of others. You look sooooo perfect to me.
       When we start dating someday,please do not so much effort to make me feel you are attractive. For me,without hear your voice or see your cute attitude,you are natural attractive.
        I hope I didn't ask too much from you. But I still want you to know that I love you as the way you are. Please do not try to change yourself if you try to make me feel that you always be great and perfect. For me,you already have both.
        I wish that I can meet you as soon as possible so that I can tell you exactly what my feeling,infront of you. Live.. So that you can see through my eyes abaout the sincerity that I have inside. Oh,you can see my face is blushing too when I say I LOVE YOU.

        Thank You.
Waiting For You,

Dear Boy,

       I'd already read your nice letter. It drive me to reply back so that you will know my feeling too. 

       I know you are Brian,Thomas little brother. But for your information,I would like to know as Brian,not because you are a famous soccer player brother. For me,you are more cute than him. It's true!

       I wish that when we meet and fall in love,you will love me for me. Not expecting for someone else. Someone who are more thinnier and popular. Someone who have brighter smile and good looking. Please love me because I am Sandra.

       If we go on dating,please do not feel disturbed where the nice places that you want bring me to. The most important is,I'm with you. Please do not make a stupid joke to make me smile. Seeing your face is enough to me to bring a sincere smile in my face.

       When I am crying,please know that it is not because of you. Just hug me tightly,I'll heal quickly. If it is because of you,just do the same. I'll be okay.

       I hope that I am not asking too much from you. I want you to know that I want to see you as soon as possible too. So that I can see your face blushing when you said YOU LOVE ME.

       Thank You.

I'm waiting,

~ aku darah anak malaysia ~

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